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Monday, October 6, 2014

Old Stuff

You ever found something you liked and it just disappeared?  I live that all the time.  What ever I like is not popular enough to remain available.  As a teen, I loved Whip and Chill.  Gone.  I love Sweet Tarts.  So much that a friend brought me a HUGE single one 3" diameter from his vacation.   My local butcher store used to have "cheesecake sampler packs".  I loved those and they stopped selling them.  I like Twisted Zin Zinfadel wine.  If it wasn't for the fact that the store kindly special-orders it for me, I wouldn't have THAT either.

Not that I'm approving smoking, but I used to smoke Benson&Hedges 100s.  No one carries them any more.  Anything I like just goes away.  I'm nearly anti-routine consumer.

I like my evening cocktail to be  an ounce of gin, an ounce of pomegranate liquor, and ginger ale on the rocks.  My version of a Singapore Sling.  And sometimes using cherry liquor.  Well, guess what?  The makers (Dekuprs) dropped JUST those 2 liquors from their line last month!

My favorite candy bar as a kid was Skybar.  It had 4 separate flavors in 4 separate pieces in each bar,  Seen any of those lately?  And the Zero Bar (white chocolate around nougat center).  Can't find those either.

I'm cursed...

Sometimes I think that if I announced that I breathe oxygen, it would vanish...

But today, I found a 7-11 store that had Sweet Tarts!  I bought 6 rolls (all they had).  And better?  They were buy-one-get-one-free!  Bet that means they are the last ever made...

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Megan said...

Mark - I'm sure that we're twins separated at birth. My husband and I think we've got the same curse as you. Whenever we decide that we really really like something, our local supermarket chain decides to stop stocking it. Almost guaranteed. It's got to the ridiculous stage of our going to three different supermarket chains and travelling up to 10 miles just to get some of the brands of products we like.

I feel your pain.

Sydney, Australia