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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Twitter Vs Blogging

TWITTER:  "Got haircut.  Then went fud shping. Traffic!  Rainy today.  Took mins to put all fud away.  Fed cats.  Ltr, store calld about new TV dlvry tomrw!  Cnt waIT. 

BLOG:  Well I got up early today (early for ME anyway) and went off on errands.  First on the list was a haircut.  I wait too long sometimes.  The side hair was over my ears and the "back of the neck" hair was as long as my sideburns.  I was fortunate to catch the barber at the perfect time.  The only customer was getting out of the chair as I walked in.  No wait, and I HATE waiting.

I don't much like talking to barbers while they work because they usually have weird political or social ideas (like "The trucking industry is about to go on strike and we are only 3 days from starvation!").  But this one was a woman, so she asked about holidays, family, and pets.  I can deal with that.  She likes cats so I described mine and she described hers.   We had a wonderful short professional relationship just as we were done discussing our cats. 

The food shopping errand WAS fairly routine.  I go to a major grocery chain for most most stuff and then stop at a specialty market (Nick's of Clinton" for meats, deli, and some produce I know they always sell cheaper.  And I am loyal to them because they special order cases of an inexpensive wine for me that I really like ("Twisted Zin - made specifically from old Zinfandel grape vines - the large bottle [1.5 l] is only $10).  Find one somewhere and try it.

They also had filet mignon at only $9/lb, and they trim it carefully and cut it to any thickness you like.  I like 1.5".  It freezes well and I have one about once a week, so a whole filet lasts 2 months.  I also bought a pork butt.  It's a good cut to smoke or to roast at 250F all day to use in pork stews.

They also sell bags of large deheaded and deveined frozen shrimp at $8/lb and I love shrimp!  I make a GREAT cocktail sauce.  I haven't learned to make a great tartar sauce yet, but I am slowly getting better at it.  And they sell a very good basic cooked ham  sliced at the deli counter for only $3/lb.  It's better than anything I can find elsewhere for less than $6/lb.

At home, I unloaded the car.  Meat and milk bags first to get them refrigerated as fast as possible.  And into the refrigerator fast to keep the cats away from the meat.  Well, Marley and Iza actually.  Iza will explore interesting smells, but Marley is becoming more aggressive in searching for food.

In that regard, I give Marley all the food he will eat.  But as good the food as I give (and we are talking the quality cubed and minced Wellness canned) he seems to want more.  Not more in quantity; I think he misses live mice.  So he wants to steal food as a hunting response.  Winter is really keeping his outdoor time and mousie-catching time down. 

And by the way, those "experts" who say that kittens who aren't taught to hunt early never lear are full of "hooey".  Skeeter, Ayla, Iza and Marley were raised as indoor cats with no opportunity to hunt and each one of them gained the skills almost at once.   I can't claim that for LC (as good a mosuser as she became) because maybe she learned from Skeeter.  But the others really learned on their own and instinctively.

The food times today were unusually "according to expectations".  Ayla refused to eat until I put her bowl up on the top shoe rack AND closed the door so she could eat in peace.  Iza and Marley traded bowls in the kitchen several times ( gave then each a slightly different canned food and they couldn't decide whose was best.

I went to the HHGREGG store about the 80" Sharp LCD/LED HDTV and bought Friday to see what it would cost to return it. It looked great in the store (perhaps because they are careful to show pictures that make all the TVs look their best).  But when I watched it for a day, I was very unhappy.

Still pictures had blurs, talking people's lips had wavy lines around them, the colors washed out at the least angle of viewing, and there was little sense of depth to the picture.  I went to Best Buy first to see the Panasonic Plasmas sets they had (HHGREGG didn't carry Panasonic Plasma except one sowroom model that had been there over a year).

I was devastated to learn that Panasonic is leaving the Plasma TV business.  They say they just can't make money from them.  I also saw something called 4K imaging.  It IS impressive.  Instead of 1080 by 840 (just guessing) it has like 3600x1800 pixels (guessing), but the resoluton difference is great.  The picture is super-real.  But I'm not a first adaptor of new technologies.  I'll bet that in 5 years there is something else better than this particular version of 4k.  I remember Beta-Max that was better quality but failed to VCR.

Anyway HHGREGG wouldn't just take back the 80" Sharp LCD.  I could only exchange it for another HDTV or store credit they said.  Well, I can't imagine buying anything from them for $3300...  I looked at the top rated Consumer Reports models and thought the best picture I saw was on a Samsung PN64F8500 (which they didn't have) but they had a PN60F8500 rating 2nd and I doubt a 60" is very different from a 64" in the same 8500 series.

So it will be delivered here tomorrow.  I know I am going to like the plasma better than the LCD/LED!


OK, now how did that BLOG post compare to the Twitter post at the start? 

BLOG beats TWITTER every time.


Megan said...

Twitter? Phhhht. I can't figure out who can be bothered with it. But, then again, I also think Facebook is a waste of time. Blogs rule!

As for catching live mice: I'm confident that this skill is innate, not taught. My last cat was an only cat acquired as a kitten, so no exposure to other felines. He caught the world's tiniest field mice that had somehow wiggled their way into his Catmax enclosure on two occasions. Watching him do it was to see a gorgeous, friendly, gentle soul transform into a high-speed, turbo-charged killing machine in a fraction of a second.

I hope that you are pleased with the replacement television. I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to your updates.

Sydney, Australia

ANGEL ABBY said...

Love Twitter myself. So see the contrast between Megan and myself! FB is good but I like blogging even though I think it is a dying art form.

Katie Isabella said...

I like BOTH> But in blogging, you get to go into as much detail as you wish and to me, that's better.

Tina T-P said...

Twitter & Facebook are both TMI as far as I'm concerned and who wants to translate all those shortened words??? - wish we had a store like your meat store - the shrimp sounds yummy! Glad you got a new TV that you like. We have a 36" and it seems so big - I don't know what we'd do with 60! Take care in the snow. T.