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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Random Thoughts

1.  Marley threw up today after chasing tossed kibbles around during my dinnertime and thats been a LONG time.  And Iza didn't which is routine..

2.  The "low tire pressure light" came on in the car, and I had just filled them.  And I checked again.  They are all at 32 psi.

3. Risk suggests you should click on the originator's icon to see the special conditions of the game.  But if you do, the game is all filled up.  So you really have to enter each game blind.

4.  Republicans are essentially merchantile or anarchists.  No other explanation for refusing to regulate the worst practices of SOME industries and the idea that people should go into bars, get drunk, and carry guns.

5.  BTW, being merchantile AND anarchistic is "libertarian".  And most Republicans hate libertarians.  They are horrified by the idea that "Someone, Somewhere, is Having Fun".

6.  Democrats can be idiots too.  Throwing money at problems doesn't always work.

7.  What happened to the idea that Congress should "govern"?  Good ideas get ignored for entirely political reasons.

8.  I had to build a high fence around my yard to keep huge viscious dogs out.  Why didn't "THEY" have to build high fences to keep their viscous dogs "IN"?  Were you ever attacked by a wandering cat?

9.  People say cats reduce bird populations.  There are more birds living on my property now than when I moved in 27 years ago because I assist them.  And I let the cats out daily. They catch about 1 a month.  Guess how many birds a hawk needs to catch every day...

10.  Playing games against a computer is essentially worthless.  If a program can't improve its odds of winning to at least 50-50, the programmer should be fired.

11.  My car battery dies in the garage about every few weeks.  Pisses me off.  On the other hand, it never dies at Walmart or Safeway.  Why is it always when it is in the garage?

12.  When you download a new program, why does it fail so often and the provider doesn't feel embarassed, and just say "sorry site down"?  So why do all the Republicans attack the ObamaCare Website?  Should Government do better than the best internet sites.

13.  Why can't I cook stir-fry as "cooked yet crisp" as a cheap Chinese restaurant can?  I sure try.

14.  When I play Pogo cribbage against the computer, it always stays even with me until the last turn, then gets a wonderful hand.  Can't they program it to play more evenly than that?  It starts to feel pointless except for the enjoyment of playing at all.

15.  Comet ISON ticked me off.  It was SUPPOSED TO BE the spectacular comet of the decade, and then and went and fell apart traveling around the sun too close.  I mean WHO was in charge of that?  Should they get fired?  (j/k)

16.  How many deer need to be killed before I can grow hostas in the front yard?  I can buy dead wild ducks at the meat store.  Why isn't venison offerred routinely.  We certainly seem to have enough deer around.

Just some thoughts...


Mariodacatsmom said...

Some good thoughts there and some thought-provoking ones too.

Megan said...

It sounds as though you had your cranky pants on today Mark! LOL

Politicians seems to be the same the world over - terribly disappointing and whoever has the most money seems to be able to influence them.

We live near a national park and there's a lot of concern in the community about the impact of pet dogs and cats on native wildlife. Mind you, we struggle to grow anything in our garden as the wallabies, possums and bandicoots nibble all the new shoots - even of exotic species. (Perhaps that's their equivalent of the crisp stir-fry from the local Chinese? Not local cuisine, but tasty anyway.)

Sydney, Australia