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Monday, November 11, 2013

Computer Room Rearrangement

After falling over in the chair slipping off the plywood base onto the carpet, I decided to rearrange things. 

First rule, make the newer Mac computer table and the older PC be in swivel-range of the computer chair! without getting the chair wheels on the carpet.

1.  Move the 4-drawer file cabinet out of the way.
2.  Move the stored folding chairs out of the way to another room.
3.  Move the old PC table into the way.

I'm glad I have a hand-truck.  That allowed we to move the heavy file cabinet awy from the current spot.  Keep in mind that I was moving stuff around IN the room, so space was tight. 

I moved the 4 drawer file cabinet out of the way.  Then I vacuumed that spot.  Hint:  Rub/Twist  your shoes over the spots where the carpet is crushed down and it raises the pile back up rather well.

Vaccuumed that spot again with the vaccuum-brusher on.  Can hardly see the impressions of the file cabinet.  Connected a multi-plug outlet to the unused battery back-up plug fr the Mac.  Stuffed the wire into the the edge of the carpet to keep from tripping on it.  C0nnected that to another surge supressor to add protection AND reach the new PC table.

I know have the Mac and the old PC set up on tables so that all I need to do is swivel in he chair on the same base.  The least likely thing was that my 4'x4' plywood base would work for both the Mac and PC computer tables but it has.

The old big file cabinet and the chairs used to be opposite my Mac.  The chairs are now in the cat room (they like to walk on the tops of the chairs) .  The big file cabinet is now next to the door.  The little file cabinet is now next to the PC for the boom box to sit on (and the spacing of the little 2 drawer file cabinet next to the wall with the card table with the PC means that both computers are exactly opposite.

I think I'm pretty safe from the chair tipping over when it hits the carpet now.  I should have done this before.  It wasn't the chair's fault that it tipped.  It was that the small wheels were hitting carpet becausr my Mac and PC tables were not aligned.

"Its a poor mechanic who blames his tools".  I was wrong to blame the chair.  But when you make mistakes, you just figure out the problem and fix them.  So I've fixed it. 

The "fix" was to get the computers connected in chair support base and that I could just swivel 180 from Mac to PC.. 

Note the new unclawed chair!  It "only" took an hour to assemble.  The second arm took half the time because the hole in the arm didn't match up to the  hole in the back.  I had to loosen almost all the screws in the bottom to give "just enough" slack to get it finished.  Instructions on everything is awful...
And now that I moved the tall file cabinet to the doorway, I need to decorate it it in some way.  Suggestions?  I'm thinking "flatcats", but I'm not locked into that.  A fancy towel might be good, or a poster.  Or other...


Megan said...

I've got a similar set up - I sit on a swivel chair between two desks: one with the desktop PC and one for reading, writing etc. I just swivel 180 degrees. I didn't plan it like this, but it has turned out to be a very effective arrangement of furniture.

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Great minds thing alike! It just took me a while... LOL!

Mariodacatsmom said...

You are smart to have two desk surfaces. I operate on one and it's mighty crowded. I could rearrange the furniture, but it's getting to be a much bigger job for D and I to handle anymore.

Ramblingon said...

OH Lawsy me. When this computer chair came home thank heavens I had someone here to assemble it and it was HORRIBLE even for HIM.