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Friday, April 26, 2013

Freedom, Redone 3

OK, first of all, I accidentally posted this on the Mews' blog and they raised a hissy-fit about it (even Marley), so I had to move it to MY blog (here).  In fact, high-level compensation negotiations resulted in the Mews getting a whole handful of treats this morning AND I had to skip breakfast.  Personally, I think they could have held out for HAM, but I didn't tell them I had some.  Second, These are events from yesterday, but I already had a post up for yesterday and didn't want to bury it.  Third, because some of my friends were kind enough to leave comments and they (the comments, not my friends) will disappear as I move this post, I am adding those comments to the end (blue).

My watch battery died just about on schedule.  And few things will get me to go RIGHT OUT like getting a replacement for that.  Having a non-working watch on my wrist drives me nuts.  So I go to this one jeweler all the time for it.  The guy always remarks that he hasn't seen one of "those" old watches in decades (Dad bought it for me when I was 15).  I never remind him that I have come in there for a new battery every year for 10 years.

They lost one of the pins and suggested I buy a new one.  No way.  They lost it, they replace it.  They do that almost every time.  I think they just want to sell watch pins.  You would think the floor should be covered in lost watch pins...

I have a velcro strap for the watch and it is most convenient for me that it connects in a particular direction.  Apparently, it is not the way most watchmakers naturally orient it.  I told the clerk not to reverse it, but they did anyway.  So I had to hand the watch back and tell them to reverse it. They grumbled as usual. 

It's a technical thing.  The velcro band has to go through a skinny rectangle loop.  Pushing at it on the far side of my wrist just doesn't work.  Pushing it against my body works well.  Yes, it is opposite the way other straps work.  But the jeweler ALWAYS reverses it.  I go through this every time.

Well, the watch is working again and oriented correctly for me.  I'm happy.

Sister emails that she is going nuts getting Dad the stuff he wants and talking to him at visits.   Well, "welcome to my (former) world".  No evil laughs, but some moderate chuckles...  She really didn't believe what I told her about Dad before.  I feel like a climate-warming advocate whose critics are suddenly shocked that their pet polar bear is suddenly walking through slush instead of solid ice...

But you know what I enjoyed about going out to get the watch battery?  I didn't have to tell anyone were I was going or when I would be back.

I skipped lunch today just because I COULD and made dinner at 8 pm just because I COULD.  Freedom is wonderful.  It's 5:30 am now  (just because I CAN stay up late again with music on loud) and I may just not go to bed tonight (just because I can) again or go to bed now and get up at 2 pm tomorrow if I want to..

Its just damn FREEDOM...

 Previous comments...

[Fuzzy Tales] I chuckled over this...Not because I've yet had to deal with having an aging parent live with me, but just because, when my ex and I divorced, the freedom to come and go as I pleased was so fantastic. Even now, 12+ years later and on my own still, I revel in it. Well, except I do work full time. But my "off" time is my own and it's something I still appreciate.  So enjoy it fully! :-)

[The Florida Furkids] Enjoy your freedom (and your watch!)

[Megan] It's good to stop and appreciate the little things in life! LOL

[Katie Isabella] I hear ya, Mark... 

[Sparkle] WHAT?! You don't tell the kitties where you are going or when you'll be back?! How will they know when to expect you?

[Shaggy and Scout] The kitties don't care which way the watch goes as long as the pettings aren't delayed.  You sound like a kid in his first year of college with new found freedom! It's hard not to say "I told you so" isn't it.

[Brian] Hey, us cats always have the freedom to not give a hoot about anything if we want! 

I had a personally awful experience with Canon Customer Service, so I would never buy their products again myself.


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

I wonder if your sister needs a blog now to vent on? lol, at least she now sees what you were going through, although on a much smaller scale because she's not living with him 24/7.
I love that THEY lose your watch pin but suggest that YOU buy a new one! Wow, that takes.. well, those things I'm sure Marley lost quite a while back.. Sheesh!
Glad you got your freedom and I love that you're celebrating it by not eating and not sleeping, lol, you're a rebel! ;)

Shaggy and Scout said...

We figured that you were posting it wrong, TBT, but we were too polite to point it out. S & S

The Cat From Hell said...

Yous knows what! That happens! Luckily my assistant has not yet mixed up Beary Good Stuff with Me yet!