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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back Online!

I'm back, but don't tell the cats.  I want the Golden Oldies Week to use up the preset posts. 

But the computer problem was serious.  In spite of my taking the cover off the old Mac Mini and looking for any sign of wine spill damage (none visible), there was some on the hard drive and some port according to the repair guys.  Enough so that the Mac Repair Shop said it needed more work than a new one would cost.  I have some doubts, but I don't have the expertise to argue with them or repair it myself.

Well, 3 years for computer isn't TOO bad ...

I talked to the repair guys and am not much more knowledgeable than when I started.  They were able to transfer my old hard drive to the new computer (so why wasn't it able to work in my Mini Mac)?  But there are times to surrender.  I now have a replacement (essentially identical to the old one).  That's OK.  The old one had 500GB and I only used 100, so the same is just fine.

The interesting thing is that I was using the old Mac DeskPro and found iPhoto pictures on it that I had deleted on the Mac Mini in 2010.  I copied them over to the new computer with a flash drive in a new-named file.

I copied them to the new computer to a new file named  "iPhoto2", but I can't seem to merge the files.  I'm afraid to just copy the old file into the new one in case it just overwrites the new file and overwrites all the new photos.  Any advice would be great.  For what is worth, I have the entire new iPhoto pictures saved on an external backup drive, so I probably can't lose them.

I checked my Google Reader.  226 posts to read!  And 150 emails!  That will take a few days!  LOL!


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Glad you're back up! We're enjoying the flashback pictures over on the kitties blog!
I don't know about mac's, but when I dump photos into another folder on my pc and there's already a photo there with the same name, it will ask me to choose to either, not move it, overwrite it, or move it and give it a new name, which is the same name with a number behind it. Maybe try it with something not as important as the kitty pictures? Like a blank picture made in whatever paint kind of program you might have?

ABBY said...

3 years is a good life span for computer.
Am sure you will love the new computer.
Aside from the iPad my laptop is a pc.
But like Andrea said I am sure the Mac would give you the option and not overwrite your files.
Enjoy your new toy! :)

Mariodacatsmom said...

Yes, 3 years is a good life span, or so my computer geek tells me. Glad you are up and running again. Sorry, I have 0 experience with mac anything.