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Saturday, September 11, 2010


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Jacqueline said...

I was in Dallas, TX, with my Mom and my first kitty, Nikki (1984-2004), taking Nik to a specialist for tests (they determined that afternoon she was too old for radiation, she lived another 3 years 9-18-04)...Anyway, had cried in the parking lot with Nik before taking her into the animal hospital and went to McDonald's with my Mom where people told us of the 1st tower crash, immediately followed by a phone call from my Dad; I told them right then it was no accident and within minutes, the other plane hit...My Mom and I went back to the hotel and watched TV all day until I could pick up Nik around 4:30 pm; we drove back to LA on a deserted interstate, starting in Dallas at 5 pm=never seen anything like it, not one other car for many many miles...I had family in NYC, didn't find out if they were safe until the evening on our drive home...A haunting day filled with so much evil and finally, so many heroes.