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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rain Gutters and Covers

OK, The rain gutters are as old as the house, 24 years old.  They are drooping in 2 places and the gutter nails are falling out.    I need to repair the gutters and clean them, and the gutter covers I have suck!  I can't drive in the gutter nails anymore.  I have rain gutter screws to use.

Who has a rain gutter cover that they like?  I've researched this for months and can't decide.


Derby, Ducky said...

What I have is not a cover but a permiable foam that sits inside the gutter. Water flows through and down the downspout, the leaves, leaf bud, seeds sit on top and either get washed off in heavy rain or blow off when dry. I have a single story house I could also reach up with a broom to clean it off. I only bought enough to try in the sections where I got the most build up of debris. I put them in late last summer and I like them so far.

Google gutter foam, gutter filter, also check your big box home improvement stores to compare prices. Not cheap so that is why I didn't do the all of the gutters, but I may do more.

Anonymous said...

Just a project I am working on.

Good to see you are keeping busy in retirement.

da bear