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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perennial Day 2, Part 2

Well, I went to plant the new hostas I received a few days ago and got a real surprise!

The existing hostas are all fully grown.  So I just assumed that where there weren't any, they had died, and I had ordered replacements.  At every spot but one today, I found vole holes around the roots, but each one was still surviving and just now sending up new shoots!

Now I have 9 hostas to find new places for.  I have 2 hosta beds.  The backyard one has hostas placed far enough apart so that they are individual specimens.  I don't want to add more there.  The front yard bed has them crowded and overlapping (poor planning on my part, but the effect IS lush), so I CAN'T add more there.

Guess I'll have to make a 3rd hosta bed.  I certainly have enough shade...

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