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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seed Starting Success

Well, the seeds are doing well this year.  Partly because I have been making extra efforts to provide each flat with the best conditions for them.

One flat was all cole crops.  The cabbage, chinese cabbage, broccoli, pak choi, and raddicchio are all up (100% germination!) and I move them to the strongest sunlight each day and give them grow-light bulb light for several hours in the evening.  Best seedlings of those I've had in years!

Another 2 flats are bell peppers and tomatoes.  Those haven't emerged yet but are in the guest room at 70F and should emerge very soon.  When they do, they will get all the natural sunlight plus artificial light they can stand.

The flowers are more demanding.  The salvia and impatiens and wave petunias need "strong but not direct sunlight" so I move then around a lot.  They need up to 3 weeks of this, so I will stay on it.  I was relaxed about them last year and had no success, so I am giving them lots of attention this year.  Fortunately, the deck glass doors are south-facing and get maximum sunlight at this time of year.  Yet there is plenty of space that is ambient-bright not not "direct sunlight".

If that doesn't work this year, I will give up on all the seeds that "no cover and bright indirect sunlight"...



Doing my best this year with these "light-exposed seeds"...


Jacqueline said...

That's pretty amazing to me; I have a few plants, but have never grown anything else...I love the idea of growing your own vegetables.

Alasandra said...

I need to run over to the greenhouse tomorrow and see if any of the seeds I planted are coming up. I am very impressed with all the work you are doing. Love the crocuses.