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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catching Up, and Random Thoughts

This has been a really annoying and unhappyWinter!  Computer problems, seriously excessive snow, trying to quit smoking, losing a dear cat, really delayed delivery of things I ordered, elder-parent concerns", etc.  I can't complain too much about any individual thing and I know things could be much worse, but it adds up.

As a result, I've been somewhere between a couch potato and a recluse, trying to ignore the problems and slow to take action.  I just haven't felt like doing any projects lately (and I sure have plenty of them on my list).

So I've been watching way too much TV with a cat or two on my lap for hours.  And sleeping way too late.  It's easier than blogging or doing any serious work.

I feel snowed in.  There has been about 2' of snow on the ground for a month.  What melts is replaced.  My highest boots are only 14" tall, so it is hard to fill the birdfeeders or get items out of the toolsheds way in the back yard.  I went out to buy some hip waders, but no one was selling them yet this year.

I did make a couple heroic efforts to fill the birdfeeders with black oil sunflower and thistle seeds.  Hauling the stepladder out way hard.  And to open it, I had to hold it above the snow with one hand and open it with the other hand and one foot.  That was awkward but it worked.  I can tell that my 10 pairs of cardinals and the dozens on small birds appreciated it.  Well, it would be cruel to feed them partially all year and then let them starve when they needed my food the most.    But man oh man were my feet cold when I completed the task.  In spite of best efforts, my boots were snow-packed!

I tried to do some woodworking in the basement, but it was just too damn cold.  Its just not safe to work around a tablesaw wearing a fluffy jacket.  I'm just letting that go until the basement gets up to 60 F again.  Seriously, wood glue doesn't even seem to work right below 60 F.

I can see that the snow is beginning to melt.  There are a few spots where I can see bare ground.  And the melting will spread rapidly from those spots.  We are forecast to have some temperatures in the mid 40s for a few days and that might melt it all.

Well, except where it was shoveled to 4' heights around the driveway.  That will take longer.  Amazingly, some Winters, I have never had to shovel any snow at all...

I've been watching the Winter Olympics.  That's unusual because I normally don't care about Winter events.  But I got interested in speed skating, free-style skiing, an slalom.  Free-style skiing is the strangest event I have ever seen.  I think the participants are crazy.  My initial thought was "that's not possible", yet they all do it well.  I think it is like Summer high-dive free-style, but having to land on a hard slippery surface with boards on your feet.  LOL!

I don't understand the speed skating.  They seem not to be working very hard at all.  Well, obviously they are or more people would be doing it, but the movements just seem so slow and steady.  It must be that the successful format is of great precision and the "passing" technique is the main skill.

I notice the the USA teams are doing well.  That vaguely nice, but I am quite impressed with all the participants.  For the most part, I can't even conceive of doing any such thing.  I heard some people say "I could do THAT" (like with curling or speed skating).  Yeah, right!

I hope to get more active again when the snow melts off the lawn.  I just have this odd sense of immobility when the outside is not easily available.

I really hate snow...

1 comment:

Jacqueline said...

Try to enjoy taking it easy for awhile longer; it will be Spring before you know it (believe it or not!) and your chores will still be waiting for you...No doubt it is frustrating, but there is an end in sight...Hang in there!