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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Compost Bin Site Cleanup, Part 2

First, wow did I have "fun" getting those pictures right yesterday  They suddenly showed up with dates on them.  Not that the dates were wrong, but I don't like sudden changes not in my control.  I searched and searched for the cause and how to delete the dates.

And...  it finally occurred to me to check the camera itself.  Yep, I had somehow changed the menu to REQUIRE dates on the photos.  My bad!  I had fun retouching the photos to erase the dates...

SO...  Here are my photos of the spot where the new compost bin will go.  It was 2 days of sweat and various BAD words.  I had forgotten there was carpet buried down deep among the vines and weeds.

The space needs to be leveled and that is a rototiller job.  But I was so worn out yesterday I just didn't want to do that.  And there are stumps of junk trees that need to be dug out (the rototiller can't do that).

And everything is wet and muddy.  I'm taking the day off from that.

But here is a picture of part of the old compost bin, fallen over sideways...

I can't believe I only nailed it together and had no diagonal braces in it.  But I was inexperienced then.  You live and learn... 

Not that I'm not doing anything.  The old toolshed has a leaky roof from when a tree fell over on it 2 years ago.  Rain got in an ruined the cheap particle board shelves I foolishly installed 25 years ago (hey, they were under a roof and should stay dry - it seemed like a good idea at the time).  They swelled up like sponges and warped and fell apart.  So I needed real shelves.  And a new roof.  I'm still thinking about that.

But it needed cleaning too.  Generations of mice nested in the dark corners , in boxes, and under old equipment.  I had to use a snow shovel to carefully scrape out the nests and poop careful to not disturb it into the air.

And there were old weird tool holders in there.  I had to detach them after cleaning out the mouse debris.  I can't figure out how I even screwed in the brackets that held up the old shelves.  The screws were unreachable with the cordless screwdriver.  I must have done it by hand.

So I just beat it all off with a sledge-hammer.  Sometimes direct force is the only way to go.  I have a wheelbarrow full of debris from that.  The trailer is going to be used a lot soon.  Garden carpet, particle board, bent brackets, old framed bed boards...  The landfill charges by the ton.  Fortunately, also by partial tons.  I may have a half ton.  Unless I pound off the old toolshed roof and replace it.  Then I might have a full ton, and it gets cheaper that way.

Anyway, the new compost bin site is nearly clear.  I just want to rototill it to get it all level.  Then I can dig the corner post holes and start setting some posts in loosely.  With modular parts preconstructed, it becomes more "fitting" than "measurement".  So I will make large holes at the corners to allow for some adjustment and see what changes I need to make.

When the whole thing is in place and firmly set around the belowground posts, I'll build a top to fit.  Latched.  Part of this is to keep the varmints out of the compost bin.  Not that they eat much, but I don't need them around.  Rabies, parasites, diseases that might harm the cats, etc.  And the more varmints around, the more likely they will find a way into the enclosed veggie garden.  Enclosures are good, but none are perfect.

Tomorrow may rain too.  It may be Friday or Saturday before I can get at the new compost bin site to rototill it flat.  Muddy rototilling is not fun.  You'll know when I post about this again, LOL!

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Megan said...

Ooooh - these were not fun jobs.

Sydney, Australia