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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random Successes

1.  Got the 4th of 6 framed beds completed.  Next job is to fill them halfway with existing soil from where the 5th and 6th of 6 beds will go.  Today is about the last decent day to work outside for a while, so I better take advantage of it.

2.  Accumulating more stuff in the basement to have Salvation Army pick up.  It sometimes seems everywhere I look there is more stuff I really don't need.  Some of it is so odd I am labeling it. 

3.  The new trash pickup service is great!  The fact that they provide company-labeled trash bins is a great improvement.  With the labeled bin, they don't forget me if I only have enough trash to tput out once a month.  If they see their bin, they empty it.

4.  The strong winds this month have been a benefit.  Usually, the basket oak trees hold on to the leaves until January.  But they are almost all fallen now.   I can mow over them several passes with the riding mower until they are all mulched into the lawn.  What falls from the trees seeps into the yard to feed the trees.  And the grass.

5.  Getting ready to have the tub tiles replaced.  After 28 years, they are coming loose around the faucet.  I should have been aware that there was a problem, but some things happen so grdually, you don't notice.

6.  And as long as I have some tile work done in the bathroom, I might as well fulfill a minor design fantasy.  I always loved Rachel Ray's green tiled kitchen.  I think I will duplicate that.  I do love green.

7.  Dug up 4 Basil plants before the freezes hit.  Will keep them in the south-facing window so I can pick some leaves all Winter,  I hope.

8.  Have 3 planter-boxes of Meslun, Leaf lettuce, and Head lettuce.  Hoping for routine salad improvements all Winter.

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Megan said...

Always good to celebrate the small successes, Mark!

Sydney, Australia