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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I brought Dad to the geriatric Dr for a brief exam and getting the assisted living place medical evaluation form filled out.  He says Dad is care level 1 (least care).  The TB test results won't be known til Weds.  If he has a lump a the site of the shot, it's positive.  Extremely unlikely though. 

Dad's blood pressure is 130/70.  Might be better than mine.  But his heart skips occasionally.  Dr says Dad is in really good "condition for his condition".  Well, yeah, he's 91 this month.  You can't escape old age.  He could maybe take an 81mg aspirin daily.  But it was barely recommended.  Almost 50-50.

So Dad has had a Dr exam, an eye exam, and a some slight dental work.  He has some new clothes that fit him, new socks, and I am getting his prescriptions filled fully for another month and some new underwear.  I got him to try on an old pair of my suspenders last evening, and he LOVES them!  Well I have had them for 20 years because I love them.  Neither of us have a real waist, and Dad has been pulling up his pants for  month now.  He showed the first "plumbers butt" yesterday, so the timing is perfect.  Suspenders are great.

Sister and Hubby are coming down Thursday.  Their pickup has a cover and tie downs and space behind the front seats inside for loose items.  That relieves some of my concerns about tying small boxes down in the back.  The move will go wonderfully.

I can't wait for the new stove to be delivered.  I made pork stew and it took hours in the microwave.  Cooked the pork last night, but the potatoes, carrots, celery, beans, and bell peppers tonight.  The hardest part was making the "sauce" (cornstarch slurry, chicken buillion paste, herbs).  The M/W is faster for what fits in it, but an oven is better for large amounts.  I was a bit nervous about how it was all coming out.  I have never made a stew in the M/V.  But it turned out rather good.  Not "best" but OK.  One thing I have learned about chicken thighs and pork shoulders; they don't overcook easily.

I did learn that my personal dry rub for pork misses something without the meat being smoked.  It was a bit on the too-sweet side.

Thinking about packing Dad's stuff...


Mariodacatsmom said...

You have done a great job of organizing and getting everything ready. So happy your dad has agreed suspenders are GREAT! Maybe he feels more comfortable in them too without having the feeling his pants are drooping. Best wishes for everything going smoothly on Thursday. I'm confident that it will.

Bella said...

As much as you are ready for your Father to be gone, you'll find the house feels a little empty once he is gone.

Megan said...

Best wishes for Thursday Mark and hoping you have lots of fabulous culinary adventures with the new oven - they always taking a bit of getting used to.

Sydney, Australia

Shaggy and Scout said...

Sounds like everything's a "go!"
Man, you sound like a good cook!

Tina T-P said...

Hope tomorrow goes smoothly. Best of luck to you. Too bad you don't have a slow cooker - I hear they are wonderful for stuff like you were cooking. T.