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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hatrack Project Finished

Well, I got the hatrack boards installed in the bedroom today. Yay!

First, I used a studfinder to locate the studs. I marked the spots with blue painters tape.

Then I decided exactly where to place them. I wanted to attach them in the center to a stud and then level the boards then screw the ends to studs as far out as possible. Naturally, a couple of good places to attach the boards with the screws were right where hat pegs were. I KNEW there would be some surprises!

So, I had to move the first board right and left a bit until I found a position that allowed a center screw and some at the far ends. It worked.

With the first board attached to a stud with a center screw, I used a level to screw in the ends. Then I just measured down from there to place the other two boards.

Except it was very hard to drill on the left side. It was like there was concrete there, or sheet metal. I don't know what was under there but it was difficult. I can't think of anything that would logically be there. The screws didn't hold there, so I had to install drywall anchors. Very odd. I wish I had seen that part of the construction of the house!

But all I had to do after that was space the other 2 boards evenly underneath and hang up my hats.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I noticed your router table. My Kids are thinking about giving me one for father's day. I am looking at a nice Bosch one. Do you have any recommendations?

What kind do you use? Are you happy with it?

What problems to look for?

da bear