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Friday, March 31, 2017

Good Computer News

After speaking, yet again, with AOL, they actually got me connected to my Mac mail accounts.  So, now instead of having to log in and out of my 3 email accounts every time I want to check my emails, I can just click on the Mac mail names and see them with no login-and-out nonsense.

And I was annoyed at being told I would be charged $5 per email account per month for the accounts and "free" help desk.   But I couldn't recall giving them any billing information, so I called them and checked.  My accounts are free just as they were on Verizon!

So it is all still free AND I can read my email accounts on mac mail just by clicking on an email name on Mail.  I am almost back to normal, but with a computer many times faster and with 4 times the memory!

I don't like the iPhoto changes much.  Do any of you who use Macs know how to get iPhoto to routinely show the file names on photos?  Other than that, I am thrilled again and getting back on track!

I am keeping the camera in my pocket for pictures of all kinds again.

March was miserable on the computer and I spent on-phone and online about 40 hours, but it is all straightened out now.

I forced it.  They didn't want to let me do things as I wanted, but they did finally.  It took time, but now I have things set up like I want it.  They weren't thrilled, but that is THEIR problem.

I'M HAPPY and I'm going to bed until tomorrow! 

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