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Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Old Whisker

Because the composite deck gets very hot (something I did not know when having it installed), AND removing a tree made it sunnier, the cats were not happy going out on the deck in mid day. 

So, I found a roll of outdoor carpet to give them a cooler path around and off the deck.  The carpet was leftover from when I used it on my aluminum Jon boat in 1994 to reduce glare and deaden sounds. 

Well, when I unrolled it, I found a cat whisker.  I can't tell which cat it was from.  Skeeter, LC, maybe even Tinkerbelle.  But it definitely the oldest cat whisker I have.  I haven't mixed it in with the others; it is "special".  It is 22 years old!

One of those really odd things you discover digging into the past...   Which reminds me that I should pour out my bottle of collected cat whiskers and take a picture of them.  I have a lot, but I bet I missed most of them while cleaning.


Katie Isabella said...

OH my goodness. I thought you meant get RID of them. WHEW!!!! Yes, the found whisker IS special. I would give very very much =f I could find another or Robin or Hoppy or even Admiral though I have the most of hers. She had black whiskers where Katie's re white and VERY hard to find on the carpets.

Megan said...

Ah, um ... when you post that picture, you'll provide a "Eeeew" warning, wont you? I do not understand the attraction of collecting cats' whiskers.

And I also want to ask - why on earth were you keeping some old outdoor carpet from 1994????!!

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Oh gosh Megan,it never occurred to us that showing cat whiskers were "ewww". They are nearly the defining features of us cats. Draw a circle and put a few lines out the sides and anyone knows THAT is a CAT! MOL!

But, out of our love for your attentiveness to us, we will give that warning when we have TBT post pictures of the collected whiskers.