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Friday, May 29, 2015

That Garden Enclosure

I don't want to mention much about it until it is done,  but I had to correct an error.  The existing chicken wire is black vinyl-coated.  Because of a silly mistake in thinking of the length of the sides, I was two 50' rolls short of complete coverage. 

So I ordered more.  Wrong type.  Non-vinyl-coated and gray.  I envisioned it.  Alternate strips of black and gray...  Functionally irrelevent.  But it would have bothered me for 20 years.   So I ordered 2 rolls of the black vinyl-coated chicken wire today.  Should arrive in several days

Better to pay to make something right in a week than be annoyed for 20 years...  I'll find a use for the gray chicken wire elsewhere eventually.


Megan said...

Good decision Mark. But couldn't you have returned the grey stuff that you didn't want?

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Well, I try to take responsibility for my purchases. If the supplier gets it wrong, I do certainly make them correct things. But when I get it wrong, I accept it. After I unrolled both rolls of the new chicken wire, I suddenly thought "WHOA this isn't black vinyl-covered chicken wire" and I checked my order with Amazon. It was MY mistake.

When I make a mistake, I pay for it. But I'll find a use for it soon enough. Right now, I'm thinking "deer barrier" around my hostas in the front yard. Not the prettiest deer-barrier, but it might not take much to keep them away. Not as a fence, but as a ground cover a foot high. I bet they wouldn't like walking on it!

Megan said...

Fair enough.

Sydney, Australia

Katie Isabella said...

Good idea to me. And one of my sons has 9 deer rolling and messing up his back yard every single day. He can't feed the birds any more..he can't have's bad.