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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Online Cat Food Ordering

OK, I'm annoyed.  I got an ad from PetCo about their online great prices and selection.  So I checked them out. 

Of the cat food I order, their prices were $5 higher per case over the place from which I've been I have been ordering (which I won't name here as this is not an ad for them) and they had fewer of the stuff my cats like.  OK, every company has their price-points and offerrings.

But when I tried their "contact us" site to ask them about that, I hit a wall.  To send my email, I had to undergo CAPTCHA werds.  And they were BAD ones.  I tried twice and "no go".  I clicked through a dozen looking for ones I could see the characters of.  "no go"  I made my best guess several times and "no go".

I couldn't even TELL them about their high prices, and I was trying to be HELPFUL and INFORMATIVE.  They probably assume "no complaints, no problems".   Well that's because I couldn't even get through to them past the worst CAPTCHA characters I ever saw.

Sometimes you just can't help some people even when you want to...

Hey PetCo, you contact me if you want information feedback.  And I promise no CAPTCHA challenges from MY end...



Megan said...

It makes you wonder how often customer service people look at their own websites, let alone try to use them to provide feedback.

I had a similar experience yesterday. I wanted to send positive feedback to a television station that broadcasts the local (Sydney-based) rugby union competition. On Saturday, play in the game being broadcast stopped for 45 minutes during the first half because a player had a compound fracture of his leg (yikes!). So, the commentators had - without any warning - to fill 45 minutes of air time. As the game hadn't been going all that long, they didn't even have much footage that they could use for 'highlights of the game so far'. It was clearly a challenge, but they did a pretty good job under the circumstances. I had some ironing to do while I was watching, so I wasn't simply sitting staring at the television. Nevertheless, I remained engaged with what was being broadcast. So, I wanted to send the management at the TV station some positive feedback on how well the staff did. Do you think I could find any means of doing that? I think I'm pretty good at navigating websites, but this one defeated me. Pity!

Sydney, Australia

Katie Isabella said...

Yup. Been thru this stuff as have many others. And another favorite is where it says "click" here and you do...nothing happens. At all. Ever.