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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Daffodil Tour

Well, I decided that for once I would just get the small camera tripod, set the camera on "macro" and take a picture of all the different daffodils in the back yard.  I know that most people would choose a couple and plant lots of those.

But I wasn't sure which I preferred and I figured some would thrive and spread and some would just not.  Apparently not.  Most just stay politely where they are and keep going.  So maybe I should just add more of the various kinds to make larger patches.

But let me show you the various ones.  I don't know their names, though I'm sure I could identify most in a catalog...  Ad there are a few surviving hyacinths that the voles have not yet found and a wild columbine too.

The better of the remaining Hyacinths.  The flowers generally get smaller every year here, but some seem to do well.

These were an accidental overplanting of a previous different one.  Apparently, I had a very firm opinion that there should be daffodils THERE more than one time!  LOL...

Another Hyacinth.  Originally I had 50 each of red, yellow, blue, and purple.  But there aren't many left.

 Another Hyacinth...  There WERE a dozen here, just a few years ago.

Among the 100 yellow Daffodils I planted in this spot, one white was mixed in.  I keep thinking I should pull it out, but somehow I never can get myself to do it.  There is a certain orneryness that I like about that misfit...
The wild Columbine...
Another Hyacinth...  All alone now.
The nice thing about having all these different Daffodils is that everytime I think I have a favorite one, I turn around and "oops look at THAT one".  LOL!

BTW, a co-worker friend and I tried once to figure out the differences between daffodils, narcissus, and jonquils.  Don't try.  Even the experts disagree.  So in the same way my cats call all small rodents "mousies", I call all these "daffodils". 

Like I suppose the dinosaurs called all mammals "things I can step on".  "Or "snacks".  ;)


Pretinha said...

Eles são realmente muito bonitos, realmente é difícil escolher um favorito. Parabéns pelo belo jardim!

Megan said...

Love love love your daffodil display Mark. Having mixed varieties in together adds to its beauty in my opinion.

Sydney, Australia

Ramblingon said...

I'm like you. I call them all daffodils and you have much better variety than I have. LOVE them.