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Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Last Thing

About the new deck.  They had to rush by on Tuesday before the INSPECTOR arrived because they forgot to add a handrail on the stairs.  So I tried it out.

Got a BIG SPLINTER in my left thumb.  &%*#  Couldn't pull it out.  Touchy-painful.  But I was patient.  I got it loose today, 5 days later.  What a relief...

And 2 days ago, I managed to wrench my left shoulder.  I can't even figure out when I did it.  Put there it is, all useless in some positions.  Its a little better today.  But if I extend it across my body and then use it to push away...  OUCH!!!

I do that to myself too often.  I suppose there will come a day when I do something like that and it won't just heal.  But that's not THIS time.  LOL!  Comes from living alone and having to do some things it really takes 2 people to do, I guess. 


Fuzzy Tales said...

A little topical rub for sore muscles, some ibuprofen or some such...Oh, don't forget the heating pad. My heating pad and I are on the best of terms. LOL.

And yes, I think a lot of it comes from being on one's own and having to do things that are better done with help. Well, that and let's face it, we don't recover quite as quickly as we did when we were 20 or 30. :-D

Megan said...

Ouch - on both accounts. Take care!

Sydney, Australia