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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Risk Game Report

Joined 3 games of Risk today.  Started with crap in each (the games were already started and I had little to work with).  But I felt rather coldly lethal today (Skeeter anniversary) AND fortune smiled on me.  I lost one game that was dragged out to a hard end and then one the other two from way behind against higher-rated players. 

I can assure you, THAT does not happen often.  So I think I will stop playing and rest on my laurels.  Not that laurels are all THAT soft to rest on.  But what I mean is that when you only play once a week, nobody remembers who you are.  Because they go after recent winners...  A low profile is sometimes a good thing. 

I think it would be wise to go play cribbage or backgammon for a few days.

But there is also something else.  I've learned something by watching the cats hunt mice.  You sit quietly and don't disturb the environment.  And when the opportunity arises, you pounce...

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Megan said...

I don't have the stamina to stick at a long-haul game like Risk. I've switched to mucking about with Bookworm of late - I like the fact that I'm not relying on other players - other players who drop out as soon as it seems that they'll lose - or on computers who always throw great numbers when their position needs it. Unfortunately Bookworm is a bit easy and I haven't found anything that purports to be an 'expert' level, but I can lose an hour or two a day playing. Ooops!