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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have 2 computers set up.  One is the usual Mac I use to post with.  But last month, I got an old PC up and running and set it up on a card table behind me.

I have a 4'x4' plywood base so the computer chair rolls on it easily at the Mac table.  And that's where the problem started.  The plywood base doesn't quite reach to the new PC card table.  I have to roll it onto some carpet.  Not usually a problem. 

So I moved from the Mac (where I was downloading the new Maverick OSX) and playing Civilization II on the PC, and I failed to negotiate the drop off the plywood correctly and leaned a bit too far over...

Found myself on the floor with the chair in two pieces.  Naturally, I focussed on the chair.  Apparently the sitting part of chair can just lift off the wheeled base, but it took a few minutes to see that (I don't often fall off of chairs and few of THEM come apart).  Actually, I spent some time looking for a loose set screw I assumed was there to prevent exactly this from happening.

There wasn't one.  So I set the sitting part back on the wheeled part and sat in it carefully.  It seemed as solid as ever.  So I just had better be careful wheeling it off the plywood "carpet mat".  I decided that was a good time to call it quits for the night and went to bed.

I'm glad I have synthetic product carpet in the computer room.   The next morning, I discovered that I had also flipped the ashtray over (yes, I smoke) as I fell off the chair.  A lit cigarette fell onto the carpet.  Well, when you are suddenly falling, minor details escape your notice.  As in, I can't recall what song was playing on the radio, what time it was, and whether I had a lit cigarette.

I had a lit cigarette.  It melted an inch long spot in the carpet.  "Darn" (I used other words at the time, but I won't ruin your innocent ears by being specific now).

Fortunately, there was no serious damage to me or anything.  But I sure will remember the awful sudden feeling of falling over in the chair!  Five wheels on the chair and 3 of them did NOT work in my favor, LOL!

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Mariodacatsmom said...

Yikes. It was good you didn't hurt yourself. You are very lucky you didn't burn the house down with the lit cigarette. That could have been the most dangerous of all.